Top 3 NEW Workshops to do in Koh Phangan

If you have visited Koh Phagnan many times you will know what is usually on offer. Many workshops to study! Here are a few new offerings where you can learn while in paradise, go deeply into yogic and tantric study, into the mind and into healing with what is listed here.

Tantric Yoga Teacher Training and Chi Nei Tsang and Tantra Massage Retreats

There is a new Tantric Yoga Teacher Training, March 15-Apr 12 that can shake up the yoga teacher training industry in Koh Phagnan. It replaces Agama’s dogma, since the head of the school was accused and acquitted of rape last year. Previous head teacher of Samma Karuna Satyama Lasby is now teaming with the Wisdom Eye on Coconut Lane to offer this training twice/year, once in Koh Phagnan and also once in a community called Inanitah in Nicaragua (if you happen to find yourself travelling to that part of the world on your travels.)

Lasby created and taught Samma Karuna’s hatha-vinyasa yoga teacher training for five years. In this month-long course, she longed to teach more tantra but found that she didn’t have enough time to teach both the requirements of the yoga through Yoga Alliance and also the subject that she loved to teach alongside the yoga, which was tantra.

“Tantric Yoga is a style of yoga (not Agama style) which is hatha based, but also brings the elements of subliming sexual energy and also connecting people in the yoga class,” states Satyama. Lasby studied with Agama for over ten years, taking a level or two each year in India and also in her free time on Koh Phagnan to stay connected to the school and the tantric community. Her education in spirituality comes from Osho and a deep look at several styles meditation in the last 15 years of her life.

Following the Tantric Yoga Teacher Trainings, there is a retreat which also teaches participants how to give Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal) and also Karsai Nei Tsang (genital) healing massage. Within this opening retreat, you also learn the art of yoni and lingham massage, making it a full package of healing and pleasure, as well as packed with experiences that have impact and can change lives for the better.

7 Day Silent Meditation Retreats – Indriya Community Retreat Centre

Anthony Markwell, previous meditation teacher at Wat Kow Tam has just opened his new Indriya Retreat Centre, also on Coconut Lane. Beginning on The first 7-day vipassana retreat will run from the 1st- 9thof December 2019.

The accommodation available for the first mediation retreats will be camping in good tents, mosquito nets under the hall; or non-residential (staying overnight outside the centre). Places to sleep are in process of being built and there is an option of sponsoring one of 40 new meditation huts that need to be built, if you are into supporting the dhamma.

Volunteers are welcome!

Therapeutic Rebirthing Training

Leonie and Art have a a new series of workshops at Serenity Residence spread out over 28 days to give you the opportunity and safe space to dive deep within via the breath. There is the option to go on a self-healing journey which is offered in level 1 & level 2 or to become a trained therapeutic rebirthing facilitator by adding level 3 to your training.

From this training you take home the keys to unlock your potential, how to access personal freedom and how to share these profound healing and breathwork techniques with others. During rebirthing sessions, a safe space is created to dive deep within yourself. You work on the deeper layers of the physical, emotional and energetic body to unlock your energetic potential and activate your life force energy.
Rebirthing at regular intervals helps to be able to maintain a loving feeling every day of our lives as well as increase our spiritual connection with the universe, creating a flow of abundance.