The Best Dishes in Bangkok

Thai capital prides itself in having top neighborhoods for food-on-the-go. The first destination is Chinatown. Before taking a trip to Chinatown, which is commonly referred as Yaowarat, a visitor will not be considered to have explored street foods offered in Bangkok. Chinatown is the epicenter of street food in the city. In the city, satay is a common meal. Satay is a delicious meal that entails threading of meat on a bamboo stick, grilling it and serving it with peanut sauce. It can also be served with chilies in the form of sugar syrup and an ajad of cucumber. Jay Eng is name of meat marinated with coconut milk, nutty flavors and char. One of the popular dishes in the street is sukiyaki, which is made from eggs, seafood and noodles laced with chili sauce and garlic.

Old Town

The lamphu trees that were common in town resulted in the name Banglamphu or the Old Town. In this place, vendors have enhanced culinary knowledge as it is passed from one generation to the other. Visitors can enjoy curry rice for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Locally, curry rice is known as Khao gang. One of the popular vendor is Khao Gaeng Rattana, who prepares and serves dishes such as Gang Som Goong (tart curry served with shrimp) and Gang Kiew Waan Gai (green chicken curry). Jay Fei is another vendor known for preparing tasty Tom Yum Talay (seafood served with spicy lemongrass soup). She also specializes in Guay Tiew Pad Kee Mow (chilly-fried noodles).

Nuttaporn Ice Cream coconut milk flavor is popular though mango, coffee, Thai iced tea and chocolate are available. They are served with toppings such as shredded coconut, corn kernels, roasted peanut, red beans and coconut sticky rice.


Sukhumvit has plenty of sushi bars, Starbucks and expats. Visitors should make an effort of enjoying chicken noodle from Guaythiew Pik Gai Sainampung. This is because it has beautiful décor; it is clean and has the best soup noodle menu. Noodles may be topped with chicken wings, chopped peanuts and green beans. Tan Meng Noodle is popular for serving Khao Mun Gai, which is Hainanese-styled chicken rice. Isaan, which is located northeast of Thailand, is known for fixing the “holy trinity.” Visitors can sample grilled chicken, vegetable salad and sticky rice from the Nomjiy Gai Yang.

Silom and Sathorn

At Silom and Sathorn, which is the central business district of Bangkok, visitors can have a taste of traditional favorites, which are offered at low prices. Khao Soy, which is the curried egg noodles, is considered one of the most famous dishes in Thailand. Flat egg noodles garnished with green onions, fresh lime or shallots are also available. White rice may be served with braised duck or Ped Thun. Visitors may have their Chinese-styled egg noodles from Bamee Gua. It may be served with chicken, pork, squid or shredded ham.

Saphan Leung

Saphan Leung is known as the street food highlight. Here, one will be served with Thai-style porridge or oyster and pork kidney. Most people flock Jay Sri for its boiled blood cockles. A spicy water mimosa salad is a favorite of many. For roadside treats, visitors should try out steamed bread, which is served with coconut sauce. In its menu, Chai offers Sangkaya bread and the creamy Sangkaya sauce.