Right Clothes for Bangkok’s Weather

Packing for your trip to Bangkok can be your biggest triumph or your biggest failure. Get it right, and you will be comfortable and culturally accepted. This all depends on choosing the appropriate fabrics for the weather and the correct styles for modest Thai values.


There are 3 types of weather in Bangkok, so consider this when packing (and maybe even planning when to visit). Also remember Bangkok proximity to the sun. This means tropical, humid weather. So, choose your attire based on the month of your visit.

Fabric Choices

Bangkok’s hot sticky weather calls for loose-fitting, all-natural fabric. The best fabrics are linen and cotton for the summer as air can easily flow through them.

For outdoor recreation and during the wet season, a quick-dry fabric will work best as they absorb sweat and evaporate water faster if you get stuck in rain.

During the rainy season, be prepared with a light, waterproof raincoat with a hood. Shoes that repel water and include traction are safe and comfortable.

Appropriate Clothes for Women

Dress for success, and in Bangkok that means staying cool and covered. Most Thai women avoid jeans and opt in for dresses, skirts, and linen pants that are knee-length. Shirts that cover the shoulders and show no cleavage create a good impression with the locals. Sandals or slip-on comfortable walking shoes complete your outfit.

Appropriate Clothes for Men

Being respected in Thailand means looking like you didn’t roll out of bed. Thai businesses often appreciate men who look well-groomed, so try to wear polos and collared shirts as well as loafers.

Beach Wear

Thais believe in conservative beach apparel. So, wear coverups and t-shirts over your swimsuits to and from the beach. Women tend to not show cleavage even on the beach.

Don’t forget to pack protection from the strong rays of the sun with at least 30 SPF sunscreen, a sun-hat, and UV-protective sun glasses.

Temple Attire

Ensuring you follow local dress codes couldn’t be more important than when visiting a temple. Both genders should cover their shoulders and legs down to the knee, but down to the ankle is preferred. For easy access, wear slip-off shoes as you will need to remove them to enter any temple.

Nightlife Clothing

Regardless of your evening plans, there will be mosquitos, so a repellent spray or bracelet will be your best friend. Light jackets or cardigans limit bugs’ territory while keeping you warm if the night turns windy and chilly.

Dress for the occasion as you would at home. Beach taverns or street restaurants can be dressed down. Upscale dining requires more formal attire like long dresses for women and pants and collared shirts for men.