Promotion of Thailand as a Quality Travel Destination

Bangkok will be the host of the “g meet 2016” annual conference. The global leader in providing travel products and services, GTA, organized this conference. GTA offers its services to the fully independent travel (FIT) industry. This was the first time that that the annual conference was being held in Bangkok. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) lauded the move asserting that it was a great boost to the tourism industry. The conference reiterated Bangkok’s place as part of the top tourist destinations around the globe.

The Deputy Governor of TAT in charge of international marketing, Mrs. Juthaporn Rerngronasa, was happy for GTA to consider having the conference in Thailand. She added that when senior leaders in the industry come together, they exert a positive influence in the tourism industry. The leaders are able to identify new developments in Thai tourism industry, thus making Thailand to reinvest its travel destinations, thus enhancing growth of the tourism sector in the country.

The g meet 2016

In attendance were high-ranking professionals from some of the most influential and largest companies in the tourism industry. This way, they were able to exchange ideas, opportunities and challenges that may face the industry in the future. During the event, Mr. Ivan Walter, Chief Executive Officer of GTA and other leading professionals discussed about the future of tourism. In addition, they deliberated on the different ways that stakeholders can promote tourism and the role that intermediaries can play in enhancing the tourism industry. While addressing the participants, Mrs. Juthaporn reiterated TAT’s marketing plan for 2016 asserting that it would promote Thainess through provision of quality leisure destinations. In addition, she asserted that quality of the tourism industry in Thailand would be determined by visitor experience, length of stay and expenditure of the visitors instead of the number of visitor arrivals.

Through selling “Thainess,” TAT aims to enhance the image of Thailand as a quality tourist destination. Use of digital space and content marketing will play a crucial role in enticing travelers to consider visiting Thailand and discover different attraction sites. One highlight of the event was the strategic partnership between TAT and GTA, which was aimed at promoting Thailand as quality leisure destination.