Premier Business Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital as well as the economic center of Thailand. It is one of Asia’s biggest cities with some of the most prestigious hotels in the world. In 2008, Bangkok was voted as the best city in the world. The highly regarded Travel and Leisure magazine oversaw the vote. The city’s premier business hotels cater for every type of trip. Visitors are guaranteed top-notch services whether they want to use the Sky Train or be conveniently located at the center of the CBD.

Location of the Top Bangkok Business Hotels

The presence of the Chao Phraya River as well as its canals has been a vital feature that has significantly informed the layout of the cityscape. Some of the top Bangkok business hotels are located on both sides of the river. They provide wonderful views of expansive and diverse cityscape full of buildings, landmarks and lights. Most of the hotels are situated on the Chao Phraya River’s west bank as well as inland. The Royal Orchid Sheraton is located on the east bank as is the Grand Palace. The rare position facilitates remarkable views of the city. Additionally, its location in the midst of the core business district makes it easier for visitors to access it.

The Royal Orchid Sheraton has considerable facilities. It has won several accolades and awards. It offers superbly appointed rooms with a taste of elegance. The hotel is full of style and classical touches. Royal Orchid Sheraton is strategically located. It offers top of the range wireless convention room facilities, premier catering services and first class accommodation. As much as the Royal Orchid is able to cater for the requirements of the most demanding events and conferences, it has not forgotten the requirements of the business guests. To this end, it provides a variety of leisure activities from great spa facilities, swimming pools, a fitness center, to onsite tennis courts. A visitor to Royal Orchid is sure to enjoy a full package and value-for money.

What Makes the Stay in Bangkok More Fun?

Although a traveler will most likely find what he or she needs in Bangkok’s business hotels, venturing out offers a chance of experiencing the true feeling of what an exceptional place Bangkok is. Using a Sky Train, a visitor is able to access many areas within the city. One such place is the Chatuchak district that has the world’s biggest market. The market has more than 15,000 stalls and is often open on Weekends. The goods available vary from food items to electronic products.

Any visit to Bangkok is never complete without tasting the cuisines offered at the Pad Thai Stalls, which epitomizes the local life. For a trip back to the old times, China Town is the best place to visit. It highlights the old customs and architecture. A visitor will get a feel and savor the genuine cuisine that was brought to Bangkok by Chinese Immigrants. All Business hotels in Bangkok have their values. They have a global reputation to maintain. Therefore, guests can expect excellent services and maximum luxury in places they choose to hold their business meetings.