Places to Learn Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal) in Thailand

Koh Phagnan, Thailand

Open to Bliss

Satyama Lasby, owner of Open to Bliss puts on Chi Nei Tsang trainings, and Karsai Nei Tsang and also retreats that deal teach these subjects. Open to Bliss has been on the island for years with Yoga Teacher trainings Tantric Yoga Teacher trainings and trainings in abdominal massage. The interesting thing with this company is that the founder likes community, so when you take a training you are immediately immersed into a community of practitioners in training so that you can learn about these things among small groups of like-minded people. She is the founder of the Yoga Teacher Training program at Samma Karuna, and now also teaches her own Tantric Yoga Teacher trainings twice a year at the Wisdom Eye, which is the new home of Open to Bliss.

Other places you can learn Chi Nei Tsang on the island of Koh Phagnan are potentially: Orion, Tao Valley, Wonderland and Mindful Being.


Chiang Mai

Tao Garden

Many people know of Mantak Chia (author of the Multi-orgasmic Man and Tao Garden. It is a health resort offering unique services based on Taoism to maintain the health of body and mind. As well as trainings a few times a year in Chi Nei Tsang, their other programs include Qigong morning exercise class, Inner Smile meditation and making the Six Healing Sounds. You are likely to be training with many people.

Other places you can learn Chi Nei Tsang in Chiang Mai are: Blue Garden and also Mrs. Khun N, who is an instructor of other well-known therapists such as Ohm Rinraya and teachers at Tao Garden. Also Loi Kroh Massage

Tassanee Boonsom, better known as Coocky, from the Loi Kroh Traditional Thai Massage & Yoga School offers sessions and training.



Bangkok Massage Training

Learn the basic techniques and tips of Thai belly massage and massage in the Wat Champa Buddhist temple accompanied by a simultaneous French or English translator. At the end of this course you will know the basics and you will be able to improve and practice as a family. The courses are given by professional graduates of their course! (maximum 6 participants) At the end of the day you will have the opportunity to meet Buddhist monks and visit the Wat Champa temple which is part of the Koh Sarn Chao community.

Other places you can receive a Chi Nei Tsang in Bangkok are: Auksika Wellness and Rasayana Retreat.