New Buildings and Architecture in Bangkok

There are a lot of people that when they visit Bangkok, the first thing that they see is the immerse selection of buildings that the city has to offer and how many of the new buildings that are going up offer some of the best examples of how people in Bangkok love to make the most interesting designs in their city. Looking at some of these structures, you can easily see where the people of Bangkok get a lot of their inspiration.

Baiyoke Tower II

Being one of the tallest hotels in Bangkok is a feat that they take a lot of pride in as they love to show off their amazing skills when it comes to building in the city. Opened in 1997, it still remains one of the tallest buildings in the city a feat that still has not been outdone. If you get the chance, visit the bar at the top of the hotel to get a breathtaking view of the city that you will not soon forget.

Chamchuri Square

This is another example of not only height, but also in the innovative methods that are employed by the architects that frequent the area looking to build the next great building. While it may from the casual eye not look that impressive, you will be surprised when you take the time to actually look at the building and see the remarkable form that is implemented. The best part of this building is the fact that it takes all three elements of residential, retail and commercial and puts them in an all in one solution. All in all, this is a solution that many people will look at and could take a lesson from when it comes to their buildings in the future.

Empire Tower Bangkok

Finished and opened in 1999, this is one of the first buildings in Bangkok that began to implement some of the amazing architecture that the city would eventually give the city a reputation of being top in the world for buildings that got the attention of others. There are a number of people that look at this building and will be in awe at the feats that the builders of Bangkok can accomplish.

Elephant Building

It is the building in Bangkok with the funny name. The thing that gives this building its name is the fact that when you look at it, there is a small appearance that it is designed like that of an elephant walking. It is for this reason that many people will see this building and will refer to it by its nickname. The truth of the matter is that the building has an official name and that is the Chang Building. For a lot of the locals and tourists, the nickname will stick a lot more. These buildings are an example of the many types of ingenuity that goes into the thought process of building in and around Bangkok.