How to Reach Bangkok City from the Airport

The Suvarnabhumi airport terminal is about 30 kilometers east of Bangkok’s CBD. Depending on the time of day and traffic, it may take 30 minutes to reach the CBD. One can use various routes to access the CBD. However, due to the heavy Bangkok traffic, the most convenient route to use the raised freeway. It costs a fee of 70 Baht and a further 50 Baht for airport tax. In total, the cost is approximately $4.

Accessing Accommodation and its Cost

The cost of accessing accommodation varies. It depends on whether a person is a seasoned Bangkok traveler or a first timer. The locals can easily differentiate between the two. They target the travelers with transportation offers that range from limousines to small buses. The payment options range from metered taxi trips and flat fees, which are usually agreed upfront. Metered taxis are often the cheapest option as it is a fixed charge of 35 baht. Requests for flat fees are made in case of interruptions on route and a receipt issued.

Stands for public taxis are found on level 1. If a traveler chooses the metered taxi, the driver may ask for the toll fees on route. Alternatively, a traveler can negotiate for a minibus taxi with a capacity of four people and luggage or the normal taxi for two people. They cost 1000 Baht ($30) and 600 Baht ($18) respectively, including tolls and taxes for the freeway. Airport Express operates hourly buses on four routes from 5.00 am to midnight for 150 Baht. Its counter is located near entrance 8 at level 1. Additionally, the train offers a faster and cheaper option. Airport Rail Link Express Line runs after every 30 minutes. It takes 17 minutes to reach Phaya terminal from where an individual can connect to his or her final destination.

A few years ago, drivers were engaged in defrauding visitors. The situation involved drivers that increased fares and swapped limousines for older cars after travelling a few miles. It is imperative to note that fares can be negotiated without a need to raise the voice since in Thailand, shouting in public is considered impolite.